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About Us

Bitumode Qatar is a producer and supplier of polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing membrane made up from the highest quality materials keeping your commercial or residential structure protected years-round.
We are a dynamic company fully equipped with an automatic production line with a capacity exceeding 20 million meter /years dedicated to provide our clients services of the best quality standards regardless of the size of the project.

bitumode qatar

Our Team

Have many years of collective experience, succeeding in solving basement seepage and foundation in the local market with a rapidly growth in the following corning years..

Bitumode Qatar Waterproofing factory

Designed and established to be the leader manufacturing factory in the Arab area producing the top quality of modified waterproofing membrane. The factory is equipped with state of art fully automatic Production line with capacity exceeding 20 million meters /year.

bitumode qatar
Bitumode Qatar waterproofing factory looking forward to penetrate the waterproofing market through several axes, the most important axes is :

  • Owning the latest reached technology of waterproofing production lines fully automated, which control all the machine activity through computers and SCADA system.
  • Owning the best laboratory testing equipments to comply with the international standard specification and measurements.
  • Continual training and improvement of the manpower to be the corner stone for current and future expansion.