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Solvent base Bitumen Primer and Coating

Bitumode Primer S.B. is a solvent base bituminous protective coating for horizontal and vertical application on concrete, mortar, cement blocks masonry and metal surface Bitumode Primer S.B. formulated using special bitumen grade type and other additives to form a tough seamless coating after curing on exposure to atmosphere


  • Cold applied single system
  • Easy to apply by brush roller or spray
  • Penetrate deep into the porous surface and seals
  • Provide excellent bond strength against wide range of substrate

Bitumode Primer S.B comply with the American standard ASTM-41

Application Area

  • As a primer coat on porous substrate prior to insulation of bitumen base coat
  • As a primer for Bitumode waterproofing membrane to build up waterproofing system
  • As a damp proof coating

The nominal length of each roll is 10 meters and the nominal width is one meter. Special specifications can be designed based on client's needs.

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Application Instruction

* Surface preparation

The substrate must be free from all loosely adhered particles, efflorescence, dust, grease or any other contamination In case of oil spillage proper treatments should be carried out on the surface. All pot holes and wider cracks most be repaired using suitable material.

* Metal Surface

Wire brush to remove rust, mildew and loose paint In case of corroded surface proper priming shall be done with primer.

* Mixing

Bitumode Primer S.B. is a single compo-nent system and required only slight mixing using slow speed drill paddle assembly.

* Application Method

Apply Bitumode Primer S.B. on proper-ly cleaned surface using brush, roller or spray at the rate of 5 m2 per liter per coat Allow drying for 12-24 hrs prior to the' application of the second coat Care should be taken to coat the surface without leaving any gap In similar way apply the second coat over the first coat with the rate of 5 m2 per liter.

* Precaution

Not to be used over standing water The application temperature must be between 5 — 40 °C

* Coverage

Each liter of Bitumode Primer S.B. pro-vide a coverage rate s follow 200 micron wet film 5 m2/liter L thickness per coat.
Note: the coverage rate may be varies according to the substrate condition and surface finsh.

* Packaging

Bitumode Primer S.B. avalable in 20 litre palis 200 titre drums Shelf Life Bitumode Primer S.B. has a shelf life of 12 months in unopened pails or drums and stored in accordance with manufacturer instruction

* Storage

Bitumode Primer S.B. should be stored under enclosed shaded area at tempera-ture below 30 °C