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Modified Bitumen plastomeric waterproofing protection board reinforced with two thermally stable reiforcement.

Produced by Bitumode Qatar Waterproofing factory, Bitumode is a line of polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing membrane and protection boards of the highest quality.

BITUMODE Protection Board is reinforced with double layers of thermally stable reinforcements to make stable panels which provide highly mechanical properties and dimensional stability.


BITUMODE Protection Board is an enhanced features waterproofing protection boards, can be applied virtually anywhere where torch applied modified bitumen membranes is applied resisting mechanical stresses and impact , physical properties are specified. BITUMODE Protection Board can be applied in:

  • Single layer protecting water proofing system from damage while construction activities going on or backfilling process with high performance requirements.

BITUMODE P with Mineral Slated Finish is recommended for exposed roofing system (Unprotected) for N.-accessible roofs or roofs subject to low traffic conditions.

Quality Control

Bitumode Qatar Waterproofing Factory is ISO 9001 certified. It applies a stringent quality control system utilizing its in-house laboratory. Occasional samples are analyzed by independent laboratories to ensure continued adherence to the highest standards (ASTM, EN, UEAtc etc.).
Each batch of Bitumode products is individually coded with a label containing all necessary information about the roll. This is intended to ensure tractability in accordance with ISO control standards.

Product Range

Standard thickness available includes 3mm .4.00 mm and 6mm. Some types could be available by weight
Bottom surface finish is normally Polyethylene Film (PE).

Upper surface finish choices include:

  • Polyethylene Film (PE)
  • Fine Sand (S)

The nominal length of each board is 2 meters and the nominal width is one meter.

bitumode qatar


BITUMODE Protection Board has been designed with special regard to providing clients with an excellent and versatile product.
Advantages of BITUMODE Protection Board include:

  • Easy to apply (by torch)
  • Highly mechanical properties
  • Absolute impermeability to water pressure
  • Semi Flexibility at all temperature application range
  • Excellent high temperature performance
  • Resistant to soil chemicals and salts
  • Excellent adhesion on any surface
  • High dimensional stability
  • Environmentally friendly.